I’m new to blogging so I am here to learn as well as impart information and articles to the masses.
Writing is a passion of mine and I have just recently started to get back into it again and I love it. I love researching the things I want to write about. I do take my time sometimes but I like it to be perfect and of course, completely in my own words.

I have been a member of a site called Squidoo for nearly a year and I have published just two lenses, but I am working on a third which is very different to my first two lenses. I can not wait to have it completed and published. I have worked very hard on it and the best feeling in the world is when you publish a lens. It gives me a real rush. I also love it when people stop by and give me feed back. And everyone on squidoo are nice and helpful, not nasty like some can be, you get good feed back, constructive which helps out a lot.
A lens is a page that you create and where you can write what you like (within reason of course) and tell people about your passion, your town, how to’s and the list goes on and on. And it is all free 🙂

I like all things paranormal, and unexplained. The subject fascinates me as it is a wide and varied subject. There are so many different perspectives and ideas as well as sceptics out there and all have valid comments.

If you would like to stop by my squidoo page then please follow this:

Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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