Pregnant Kate Middleton Celebrating Her 31st Birthday ‘Privately,’ Says Palace

Happy Birthday Kate


Lindsay Lohan Accused Of Stealing Elizabeth Taylor’s Bracelet During Biopic Filming

Poor Lindsay, all she gets is greif. It might not have been her who took it. Just because she was heard to say that she loved it, it might have been one of her entourage…..

Christmas Ghost Sightings and Hauntings….


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Well we have survived ‘the end of the world’, or we have gone on to a new state of consciousness or something, what ever we are, we all still have the holidays coming up yay 🙂

What ever you will or will not be celebrating you can still read about all the weird and spooky things that happen this time of year.

Ghosts are not just for Halloween, they are also for Christmas, yes Christmas.

I have put together a few little real accounts of ghosts and apparitions that have been documented to happen at Christmas and new year with real footage of some.

Follow the link and read if you dare mwahahahahah…..

History in a bog….. a fantastic Bog Body found on 07/12/12.

A Broadsheet Blog

ancient-bog-body-found-in-meath-by-bord-na-mona-workers-390x285History and archaeology fanatics, listen up!

A bog body has been found in Co. Meath, Ireland. It was found on Friday 7th December by Bord na Móna workers. Conservation officers from the National Museum of Ireland brought the headless body to the conservation department, where tests and examinations will be carried out on the body over the coming weeks.

Although the body was found headless, it is thought that this does not necessarily mean that the body was buried in that form. As the bog is being milled at the moment, it is highly possible that its head was cut off during the work.

It is thought at this point that the body had no clothes. Further details on the age and sex of the bog body will be released in the following weeks, once it has been examined in greater detail.

The bog body joins an array of Irish…

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Only five years ago, you might have heard, “Radio doesn’t sell books. TV sells books.” Now, you’re more likely to hear, “TV is okay, but social media sells books.” If you get bloggers talking, tweeting, sharing, and posting about your books, you’re likely to experience enhanced success at marketing your book.

But, alas, marketing your blog is different from marketing your regular website. Specifically, plain old search engine optimization (a.k.a., SEO) isn’t enough to make you a widely read blogger.

The blogging system has added variables beyond SEO, like the warm, fuzzy, social element (hence the “social” in “social media.”) Search engines are “cold” and comb through blogs, looking for key words, tags, page relevance, back-links from other reputable sites, etc., but real people are “warm” and click on “forward” and “share” buttons if they feel that your message resonates with them on a personal, emotional level. Catch my drift?…

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All members of creation travel through life experiencing conflict at times. Conflict can be physical, mental or spiritual. Though these are all subtly different, they are all the same as well. In all forms of conflict, we are confronted with a choice to make. Here in the sphere of confrontation, a few of us can claim alumni to the school of hard knocks. I am just one from many here.

I vividly recall my first physical altercation with the neighborhood kids. This was my first real fight; my first physical experience with a harmful confrontation. I found myself surrounded by much larger and older kids, in the old fashioned fight circle, being pushed around at random; outnumbered by 6. 

Though I was a fast kid, I wasn’t able to escape. After taking a few blows to the face and neck, I found the myself on the ground, being kicked and…

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